7 August 2019


Performance / Pitch Dymaxion map, Conference table, Chewing gum mschine, Totem,
8 channel audio installation, Microphones, Pedestal mats, Plants
Berlin, 2019 is an immersive implementation of a total sharing community.
Although form and function are secret at this point, you can imagine it to be
half app – half religion.

An intelligence knowing the exact position and momentum of every part in the
universe could easily calculate both its past and its future. Based upon the vaste
amount of data kindly provided by our users, will be able to calculate
the best of all futures. An omnipresent nonmaterial entity able to predict and
materialize everything instantly will create a divine experience.

Taking up an idea popular in the American 30s, abolishes the price
system and instead exchanges every process, every item and every service by
its inherent energy. Land, machinery, buildings and vehicles belong to the
community and cannot be possessed by users. To buy transitory items as food or
clothing, «energy gums» are used as means of exchange, being both perishable and
personalized to be neither accumulated, nor traded.